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An annotated bibliography is an alphabetical list of sources (books, magazines, websites etc.) that have been used for researching a topic. It also includes a concise description and evaluation of each source. An annotated bibliography may be an independent project or a stage in a larger one. A bibliography usually includes the bibliographic information (the author, title, publisher etc.)

There are two kinds of annotated bibliography: descriptive or informative and analytical or critical. A descriptive or informative annotated bibliography describes a source stating its features and how useful it is. In contrast, not only does an analytical or critical annotated bibliography summarize the material but it also analyses and examines what is being said.

An annotated bibliography may:

  • Summarize. Most annotations simply summarize the source. ¬†What is the point of this article? What is this book about?
  • Evaluate. It is important to give an assessment to the source. Is it a reliable source? Is it useful? What is an aim of this source? Is the information biased or unbiased?
  • Reflect. After you have finished summarizing and evaluating a source you need to make sure it fits in your research. How did this source help you?

Writing an annotated bibliography helps you learn more about your topic. Collecting references is useful but when you begin writing annotations for each source, you read each one more carefully. Thus, you gain a good perspective on what has already been said on your topic. It allows you to build a strong thesis of your own and develop it.

How to write an annotated bibliography:

  • Select your sources
  • Revise the items
  • Write the citation and annotation which includes:
  1. The objective of your work
  2. A summary of its content
  3. What type of audience it is aimed to
  4. Relevance of the topic
  5. Main features of the material

There are plenty of tips on how to write a bibliography, but most of them give general information without mentioning any specific details or problems that might take place. So, if you are struggling with writing a bibliography, annotated bibliography writing services are happy to come to the assistance. They understand the significance of academic assignments. That is why, you can always be sure that professionals will do their best in order to provide you with a unique, high-quality and plagiarism free paper.

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