Case study writing service

A case study method or a method of specific cases is a method of active training based on resolution of particular situations or examples. Case study is a training system which is based on analysis, discussion and solution of situations both real and simulated. Case study is considered to be one of the best methods for the development of analytical and critical thinking. Case study is also used as a training tool in business schools when students are required to analyze and examine prescribed cases and present their own resolutions and interpretations. Case study is a like a tool which allows to apply theoretical knowledge into the solution of practical issues. Case study effectively develops the ability to make decisions within a limited time frame.

The essence of a case study method lies in studying the decision resolution by a student including the following information:

  • Why this very decision was made.
  • How this decision was put into practice.
  • What the results were.

Learning on practical examples has been known for a long time. However, as a training method, case study method was first applied in Harvard business school in 1924, when teachers and students realized that it was impossible to learn management practice using textbooks. The interviews with leading business practitioners and their detailed reports of handling different situations replaced textbooks. This is how a case study system was created. Not only do all leading business schools of the US and Europe use this system, but they also develop new business cases. The business school of Chicago University spends 25% of school time on studying cases, while the business school of Columbia University spends 30% of study time.  Harvard University is a leader in dedicating 40% of teaching time to this method.

Case study helps to develop individual thinking, the ability to hear people out, take into consideration alternative points of view and prove yours reasonably. With the help of case study, specialists are able to reveal and improve analytical and evaluating skills, work in team and figure out more rational decisions.

Writing case studies can be boring. It demands time, effort and knowledge. Some students find it hard to dedicate their time to it due to various reasons. If you struggle with writing case studies, then case study writing services are just for you.  Experienced experts will deliver a high-quality research paper on time paying attention to all details.

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